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U.S. agencies to study safety of artificial turf fields

Reuters, Feb 12, 2016:

THREE U.S. government agencies will team up to study whether artificial turf fields and playgrounds that use bits of recycled tires are exposing children to dangerous chemicals. The Environmental Protection Agency, the Consumer Product Safety Commission and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention announced on Friday they will study the issue, CPSC Chairman Elliot Kaye said in a statement.

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Toxic Firefighting Foam has Contaminated US Drinking Water

The Intercept, Dec 16, 2015:

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Contaminating Our Bodies With Everyday Products

The New York Times, Nov 28, 2015:

IN recent weeks, two major medical organizations have issued independent warnings about toxic chemicals in products all around us. Unregulated substances, they say, are sometimes linked to breast and prostate cancer, genital deformities, obesity, diabetes and infertility.

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Artificial Turf Linked to Cancer?

ESPN, Tues Nov 3, 2016 8pmET/5pmPT:

In this E:60 investigation ‘The Turf War’ former US National Team star Julie Foudy examines the use of crumb rubber on synthetic turf fields and the 180 reported cases of young athletes (including 65 goalies) who have contracted leukemia and other blood cancers after playing on these fields. Twenty are dead.

Child Cancer Clusters in Florida

Counterpunch, Miami, June 4, 2015:

Alan Farago, President of the Society of the Everglades, reports on statistical studies by Dr Raid Amin, of the University of West Florida, identifying a pediatric cancer cluster in South Florida including Miami. The Florida Department of Health has not recognised the cluster, validated independently by other statisticians.

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[VIDEO] Cancer: The Forbidden Cures

A Film by Massimo Mazzukko (2010)

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